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Warm Yoga

Yoga_123Why the Heat?

  1. The heat helps to promote deep, safe stretching and maximizes blood flow to your muscles and joints.
  2. Promotes detoxification of skin, blood and muscles through sweating.
  3. Improves circulation and cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Builds up your immune system and reduces the symptoms of chronic illness.
  5. Increases weight loss.
  6. Regulates nervous and endocrine systems, both of which figure heavily in emotional well being.
  7. Assists healing through relaxing and centering of the mind. As our heart beat and breath get slower, our blood pressure also drops, and the body goes into healing mode.

 Who can do Warm Yoga? The classes are for all levels and ages. There are always modifications for new students and everyone can work at their level and progress at their own pace. You will be in a non-competitive, learning environment, with teachers who are supportive and patient. Our warm yoga classes are inspired by both the Barkan and Absolute Hot yoga sequences. We encourage new students to take it easy in their first few classes and for best results practise as much as your schedule permits during the introduction period. A consistent practice will gradually allow you to build strength, focus, stamina and flexibility. Practice and all is coming! SHRI K. Pattahbi Jois.

What if I’m not flexible? A common misconception that prevents people from trying yoga! You DON’T need to be flexible. A consistent practice will develop flexibility , balance and strength over time. Everyone needs to respect their own limitations and you will find that they begin to decrease over time. The new freedom of the increased, pain-free range of movement will empower every area of your daily life.

How often should I practice? Consistency and discipline are the keys to a successful yoga practice. We recommend you practise as often as your schedule permits Initially 2-3 days per week will begin a transformation over time. When you feel the benefits, your body, mind, and spirit will draw you to a practice that is right for you.

Can I lose weight? YES! Increased body awareness changes eating habits and helps you make a positive connection with your body’s well being and calms your nervous system. The combination of sweating and developing muscle tone will melt the fat off your body with consistent practice. The yoga postures also have internal benefits to all the organs and systems in the body, such as normalizing the digestive system and the endocrine system, regulating metabolism, and maintaining cardiovascular health, These processes help to sustain a normal and healthy body weight for each respective student.