I discovered Pilates when moving to London in 2008 and was straight away amazed how I felt during and after a class; feeling stronger from the inside out but also how it creates a real connection between my mind and my body.

In 2015 I decided to go further in my practice of Pilates and started my training with Body Control Pilates in London. I qualified in 2016 while pregnant with my son and once again was amazed how Pilates kept me strong during my pregnancy but also eased my recovery.

I truly believe health and fitness are directly linked to happiness and love the fact that Pilates is accessible and can benefit everybody.

As a general all round fitness enthusiast I like to keep a dynamic approach to teaching while listening to each client’s need and to look at ways to improve their posture, strength and general well-being.

I am a member of the Body Control Association and recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals.