Sunday March 11th, 13:00-16:00

MOVE MORE, with Jason Round

This Movement Workshop is an opportunity to ask yourself a fundamental question: how well do I move? Our investigation will explore concepts such as:

  • PLAY & ‘MOVEMENT SCENARIOS’: why is play so fundamental to movement? How can we develop scenarios to move beyond the simply juvenile and ask more of our play?
  • LOCOMOTION & FLOOR MOVEMENT: the human body is biomechanically complex. How do we communicate this with one of the most omnipresent modalities in our lives – the floor?
  • ‘SMALL FRAME’ MOBILITY and SPINAL HEALTH: how can we locate problems in our vital joints and optimize our spinal movement to affect our general movement ability?
  • ‘KINETIC KOANS’: a term to describe selective ‘movement puzzles’. These puzzles will require ‘movement intelligence’ and require you to work smarter, not harder.

ALL AGES AND LEVELS WELCOME. Old – young, beginners – athletes: all will be challenged according to their movement abilities.

About Jason Round

Jason is a movement practitioner who has been heavily influenced by the Ido Portal method. He has been sharing the knowledge of his teachers, as well as his own research, in classes, workshops and seminars, and with close students throughout Switzerland since 2016. Before this time, he practiced and developed his movement practice throughout the world, namely in South Korea, Czech Republic, Australia, and England.

Once a specialist in strength and hypertrophy training, followed by calisthenics and bodyweight training, Jason now strives for a seemingly simple – but ultimately infinitely complex – goal: to move as well as possible. This journey has allowed him to learn from over 15 years of training experience, through countless failures and a few well-earned successes. He teaches from a perspective of self-development and empowerment encouraging the student to research, discover and develop their own movement goals rather than proposing an (unrealistic) ‘one fits all’ approach to movement.

Jason will expose you to a movement perspective with the goal of helping you think more critically about your movement practice and – most importantly – your movement in every other area of your life. He will ask you to be a beginner, to challenge yourself, to explore, to evolve, to move more.


CHF 80.-