Rest to Rise: Deep Rest for Women February 10 2018

Experience the radical and revolutionary art of deep healing rest. As you are guided into a state of deep rest and stillness you access the deep peace and wisdom within, and this, dear Sister, is your key to health, happiness, and freedom.

When we serve ourselves, we serve all others.

It is time for women to live, love, parent, and lead from a place of EASE and WISDOM, and to THRIVE rather than survive.

* Rest is essential in part of our Natural Cycles
* Rest allows the body to find balance and restore
* Rest helps us step back and take perspective
* Rest increases compassion and understanding
* Rest connects us to our deep inner knowing 
* Rest turns back on our inner fire
* Rest reconnects us to our Soul

This restshop is created specifically for women, to help break the cycle of fatigue, running on autopilot looking after others, and to reconnect you to your power and your soul-calling.

This restshop is a delicious treat, but rather than seeing it as a luxury or a one-off ‘workshop’, I invite you to realise the transformational and healing power of deep rest and make this a regular life practice.

ONLY 10 PLACES. Registration below is essential.


LANGUAGE: Français / English
QUESTIONS: / 079 219 4407
TIMES: 15h00 – 18h00

No experience necessary. Beginner-Advanced levels welcome.
For other dates visit: