Yin Yoga with Amanda Dawn Blackley: A Springtime Practice

Saturday 28th April, 15:00-18:00

The practice of Yin Yoga is deeply connected to the five-element theory of Chinese Medicine, and as all cycles, are an integral part of life.

This special yin yoga practice will be a journey into the energy, Qi of springtime, the “wood” element, stimulating the meridians for these organs in the body (the Liver and Gallbladder, which coordinate the flow of blood and Qi, our essential vitality), in the region of the hips, inner legs and torso.

After the dormant, bare repose of the cold winter months, springtime sees nature coming into her own in an explosion of vitality and colour. If we observe nature’s cycles and changes we can gain a vital clue into maintaining our personal inner well-being and physical, mental and psycho-emotional balance.

When our Liver Qi is strong, we feel a sense of spaciousness, decisive, flexible and stable like a deeply-rooted tree, equipped with everything we need to keep advancing in our projects and endeavors, with skill and resilience.

The Yin Yoga practice offers a valuable space to balance this very yang energy, and find quiet, stillness and time to simply be; to foster a sense of renewal, to awaken our creative essence and to tap into our true potential.

The Yin Yoga practice for springtime is a journey that will cultivate our wood energy, so we can reach upwards and outwards, decisive and expansive, yet flexible and able to adapt and bend to the winds of change.

70 CHF

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