Yoga Moves Nyon

Andrea – Studio Owner

AndreaI clearly remember my first taste of yoga, which came from trying to follow a DVD featuring Rodney Yee. I struggled to imitate Yee’s beautiful postures and calm, serene composure – but every single muscle in my body tingled and shook, my breath was rough and choppy, and tears engulfed me at the end of the practice. It was 2002. I started to attend classes regularly and did my first teacher training in 2005 with the Yogalife Foundation. I then trained in the Ashtanga method in 2008, and in Anusara in 2012. All of the different schools have taught me something different – Yogalife taught me traditional yoga from India, Ashtanga Yoga revealed to me the benefits of a set sequence of postures, and Anusara brought in the precise alignment principles from the Iyengar lineage as well as Tantric philosophy, which I continue to study today.

I had been a fitness instructor in the 90’s, and thought that “no pain, no gain” was the way to go. When I first began yoga, I would push myself hard – when persistent pain was the result, I realised that this was not serving me. Over the years, my practice and teaching have evolved as I’ve learned to listen more deeply to myself. Now I like to observe and modify my practice according to how I feel in the moment. At times my practice is strong and athletic, at other times it is soft, introvert and quiet. My aim is to find a healthy balance between strength and flexibility, effort and surrender, yin and yang… both on and off the mat.

I consider myself above all a student of yoga. I continue to study and learn as much as I can, with the intention of sharing my experience with my students and continuing to grow. I am infinitely grateful to all of the teachers that I have encountered on this amazing path of yoga and look forward to welcoming you to one of my classes.

“Do not wonder what are the needs of the world. Find whatever it is that makes your heart sing and go and do that. Because what the world needs most is people whose hearts sing.”

See you on the mat!