Yoga Moves Nyon


After receiving my diploma to become a masseur in 1997, I began to share my knowledge and experience with others. In 2000, I discovered yoga and its many benefits for the first time. This was a seminar which trained participants on how to best avoid back problems through daily living.

Upon my return from the seminar, I began to take yoga courses in Geneva. Initially I learned with ElianeYesudian and later with the Center of Yoga Shambala,where I practiced for 14 years.

I continued to learn new teachings and experiences closely related to Yoga. These include:learning about self-knowledge and reflexology, and participating in an extraordinary 10 days Vipassana meditation program at the DhammaSumeru centre in the Jura bernois.

Feeling extremely enriched from these experiences, I began to teach yoga voluntarily at the Rudolf Steiner School of Geneva for three years;the funds I raised teaching yoga went to the school’s budget. This helped the school find some relief to its on going financial issues. Currently, I am teaching courses at Shambala Yoga. I have been doing this on a regular basis since 2012.

Recently, I supplemented my yoga training at YogaLife Foundation and as a result have become certified by the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).I learned about ways yoga can help with living through the challenges ofdaily life.

In the courses I teach, I like to use the techniques of pranayama, bandhas and mudras, all of which support a state of interior peace, concentration and meditation. Mindfulness yoga, which I teach at Yoga Moves and Yoga Shambala,is the practice of focusing our attention to the chackras and the nadis; it is a marvellous practice,staying present and embracingthe “Here and Now”.