Yoga Moves Nyon

Tomasz Goetel

Tomasz GoetelTomasz Goetel is an experienced teacher, he has taught over 12,500 hours of yoga. His students say that the class with Tomasz is magic for your body, mind, and spirit.

He teaches a full range of group classes at the studio, as well as private yoga by appointment.

Other than teaching yoga classes, Tomasz has been growing into other disciplines. He is a writer, who published a book for yoga teachers, titled Your Voice, Your Success.

Tomasz is a dog psychologist, who helps people solve their dog problems, using Cesar Milan’s method, which Tomasz named Mastering the Walk.

He works as a detox and wellness consultant. Using Dr. Bernard Jensen’s regenerative detoxification methods, you can make many chronic health problems disappear, lose weight in a sustainable way, and truly realize what it means to be healthy. You can talk to Tomasz at the studio or send him an email.

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