Yoga makes my body mind and soul blissful, and One. Yoga taught me to turn inwards to find love, joy, strength, trust, creativity, patience, compassion…because we have everything in us.

As a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher since 2009, I have been teaching individuals, groups, companies, VIPs and people from all walks of life. I am a Swiss Yogini and NLP Coach, quadrilingual and passionate about helping people live with joy and passion. I have lived and taught in Italy, India, Australia and Germany.

My style is a Tantric approach of Hata Vinyasa Yoga in the traditional lineage of Krishnamacharya, Desikachar and contemporary teachers such as Rod Stryker, Jessica Magnin and Jean Lechim. Using conscious breathing, we will activate Prana (life energy) to balance and nourish our body, mind and heart. Classes include Tantric techniques (bandhas, pranayama, sankalpa, drishti) as well as Yoga Nidra. I believe that yoga is for everybody and adapts to each one of us.