Growing up in India, yoga was everywhere around me, though my earliest encounter with Yoga was in our neighborhood gardens where groups of morning walkers would gather on the dewy grass to do laughter yoga and stretches. That’s how days started for most and still do for many. Later when I was 13 I had my formal introduction to yoga when my parents arranged for a tall, white-robed, long-bearded Indian yogi to increase my height. There was no spirituality in those sessions, no inner joy, just pure and simple stretches that at the time felt would rip my body apart. Bless my teacher he was just doing his job and that too pretty well as I did gain some inches of height but I definitely lost any love for yoga.

Decades later in beautiful Nyon, I re-discovered yoga thanks to Andrea and later Sanjeev, my amazing teachers. The deeper I delved into yoga, the higher my spirit rose. My curiosity and endless questions led me to the Yogalife Teacher Training and eventually a teacher’s certificate in my hands!

I love to spread the magic of yoga and support people’s journey of personal transformation. Yoga is one of many dimensions of my life, I am also a certified life coach, facilitator, with years of experience in the corporate sector, parent of two teenagers and a cute puppy, a passion for vegetarian cooking, learning and much more.

I commit to bringing all of me to everything I offer.