I discovered Yoga, by chance, in 2016. In hindsight, I know that things never happen by chance ! I started taking classes at Yoga Moves Nyon and it was Heidi who suggested me to deepen my knowledge with the Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. I embarked on the adventure and became a Yoga Alliance certified Hot Yoga Teacher.

My thirst for knowledge did not stop there because I decided to follow the 4 year Teacher Training, recognized by Yoga Suisse. So I followed the teaching of Malek Daouk, direct student of T.K.V. Desikachar. I am registered in the Yoga Suisse Professional Register as a Registered Yoga Student YCH.

The study of the Yoga paths and the sacred texts led me to Yogatherapy. I am currently undergoing a training in Yogatherapy under the direction of Dr. Héléna Volet. I will be able to practice as an ASCA certified Yogatherapist in May 2021.

I am a certified 800hr Yoga Teacher and my yogic path reflects my teaching which is influenced by traditional Yoga and by modern Yoga such as Hot Yoga.
Teaching means sharing to me. Yoga has brought me so many things so I feel this is quite natural to share them with others.

My yogic path began at Yoga Moves Nyon so I am very honored to share my love of Yoga and my good mood, in this place which means a lot to me.