Yoga for Menopause workshop: Surrendering to change with Amanda Dawn Blackley

A practice to cool heat and to balance hot emotions and irritability

The Menopause is a natural, and unique time in our life cycle as women, yet so often there is a lack of information available to understand and navigate the signs, symptoms, and health implications, that many women may feel frustrated, disoriented, or overwhelmed. Both during our perimenopause (the period leading up to the cessation of our menstrual cycle) and post menopause (after our menstrual cycle has finished) several physical, mental and emotional changes may surface.

During these transitional years of hormonal fluctuation, it is common for women to feel sudden changes of temperature in the body, and frequently an intense and growing sense ofirritability, even rage. The fluctuating levels of the hormone oestrogen are believed to be the cause of such vasomotor symptoms affecting the hypothalamus in the brain; and may be particularly exacerbated by stress.

In this three-hour workshop we will explore different ways to cool and calm the physical and emotional ‘heat’ in the bodywith a combination of breath work (pranayama), asana (hatha, yin and restorative poses) and mindfulness meditation to manage the physical, emotional and mental changes we experience.

Fr 80.- per person

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