Animal Flow Introduction Class - with Tomas Mirabelli, Fleximove - PART 1

Animal Flow combines concepts of yoga, contemporary dance, capoeira and breakdance in a movement system that provides a complete workout in terms of strength, mobility and stability. You will learn each movement in isolation, then put them together to create a flow.


With the Animal Flow method, you will learn to develop the body’s natural capabilities:

-     Using your own bodyweight

-     Improving body recognition and moving through space

-     Conditioning and preparation of the body for any type of practice

-     Working on strength and mobility.


About Tomas:

Originally from Argentina, Tomas has been training and researching multiple disciplines and is very skilled at adapting to each student’s needs. He has been a certified yoga teacher since 2017 and has studied yoga therapy since 2019. He is a certified Animal Flow Level 1 instructor since 2020 and is currently in the process of obtaining his level 2 certification. He has been teaching continuously for over7 years.

Saturday 07.010.23 11h00-13h00 Animal Flow 1 class

Fr 60.- per person


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