As a professional dancer for 12 years, my life was all about stretching the limits for a higher goal. Finding an immaculate line, striving for perfection, and creating something beautiful for the sake of art was what we did. Day in, day out.  Pain was ignored, injuries dealt with, emotional ups and downs, forget about it.

The show must go on…

I loved it.

Three kids later, older and only a bit wiser, I got into yoga and found a secret weapon to get me through the tough stuff. I was, of course, attracted to its physicality, and then, with time, began to go deeper into meditation, and Buddhist mindfulness.

I grew up a bit.

On a good day, teaching yoga is for me an expression of everything I am and everything I have become.  I feel happy when I can give people the space to experience the myriad of benefits yoga has to offer, from the simplest touch of the breath through to the deeper awakenings of the true self.

I look forward to sharing some good moments with you in a class, or conversation at the studio.

A true Aussie at heart, we always have a bit of a laugh as well!

Santorini Yoga Retreat with Heidi

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