Georgina Peard

Deep within, you have all the resources you need


Georgina Peard

I’m an independent spirit, a passionate and relentless dreamer, a playful soul, an incessant creator and unconditional lover.

I feel a strong and compassionate warrior in me (may be my Celtic roots) who stands for brotherhood and sisterhood, integrity and community. A wild woman, a temple priestess, a mother (though with no children), a medicine woman, and a committed custodian of sacred living with natures cycles.

I love to be a champion for you, supporting you in revealing and restoring into everyday life, the natural intelligence, aliveness and sacredness of your body, your innate wisdom and your unique gifts.

I wish for you (and everyone) to feel and know deeply that you belong, you matter and by your presence, you contribute something valuable. This is an embodied and intimate way of living.

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Yoga Instructor

Le Yoga est pour moi, mon moment de “détente et qui me procure bien-être” où je peux canaliser mes énergies et me recentrer.


Yoga Instructor

In my prenatal classes, I offer you a moment to slow down, ground yourself and listen with kindness to what your body has to tell you.


Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga practice willing to sculpt my body; a very superficial desire then. Over time, I found my time spent on the mat much more fruitful.