Kids and Teens Yoga

Yoga for 5-7-year-olds
This class is a gentle introduction to yoga poses through the art of play. Sessions are themed to keep the young yogi’s attention and embrace all personalities and skill sets. Our precious little yogis are not judged on their postures or game performance in hopes to teach them inner strength and acceptance. Physically, we work the child’s balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Our rhythm is stop-and-go in order to keep our students alert, interested and curious. Class always ends on a quiet note, encouraging and allowing time for reflection and relaxation.

Yoga for the 8-11-year-olds 
Designed to develop important skills such as body awareness, better focus, and concentration, and self-confidence this class is ideal for kids looking for a non-competitive physical activity. And we make it FUN! There is always music and games and we begin to challenge our juniors by holding positions longer and giving them an introduction to inversions. We count on these yogis to be creative, participate and be silly. A much-needed break in their busy schedules and days is offered at the end of class when we either relax on the floor, sit quietly in a circle and focus on an object, or finish our practice with our eyes closed.

12-year-olds, and up
Our adolescent yoga classes are a bit more structured. Youthful yogis begin to learn true postures in a nurturing environment. During the course of a semester, they will learn a bit of yoga history, the benefits of each posture and are introduced to Sanskrit names. This class is an oasis for the over stressed and under pressure pre/teen. With an extra long relaxation or guided meditation at the end of class, we allow them to rejuvenate and refuel. An adolescent body matures and changes much faster the mind, yoga provides holistic support for both.