Embodied Flow with James Higgins May 2020 - POSTPONED

Saturday 2 May, 13:00-16:00
Sunday 3 May, 13:00-16:00


Compassion, healing, strength, and the subtle body

Together, we will explore:

•The foundations of our spiritual and psychological work as yogis: the experience of great ease, focus, compassion, clarity, love, and personal personal empowerment

•Moderately challenging asana sequences—within your capacity but designed to further investigate and strengthen the thresholds of your ability to engage, release, let go, enjoy, and relax in a good-hearted, concentrated way

•Meditative rest to support you in taking the time to absorb the deep energetic healing work you will be doing to gain clarity and freedom on your life path.

•Engage in a complementary series of classes for a weekend reset and restorative mini-retreat in the midst of your busy life.

•Clear the resistances and unconscious material which may be holding you back and keeping you limited or stuck in any way. 

•Soften further into love, care, friendliness, and kindness as the foundations of our spiritual and psychological work.

•Align yourself with your inner power by establishing an authentic connection to your unique, personal source of health, inspiration, and wholeness.

James Higgins is a renowned yoga instructor from the San Francisco Bay Area who has taught for more than two decades. He travels throughout Europe teaching a unique, appealing, challenging style of meditative hatha vinyasa yoga practice grounded in spiritual care. With a strong emphasis on the integration of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, each of his classes holds the intention for peaceful healing and conscious evolution. His style is informed by the long-term dedicated studies and practice. 

James uses Buddhist wisdom, positive psychology, mindful insight, personal development, and conscious leadership to craft a journey that invites students to experience the very best of themselves in body, mind, and spirit. He helps individuals in gaining strength, refining intuitive powers, enhancing self trust, and in releasing hidden tensions and unconscious blockages.  Ultimately his intention as a guide and teacher is to assist in healing ones connection to the highest self within the depths of the heart.

Cost: 70 fr for one workshop, 130 fr for the full weekend