WORKSHOPS WITH MAX STROM – 10-12 September 2021

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  • 1 workshop – 80.-
  • 2 workshops – 150.-
  • 3 workshops – 210.-
  • Full day Saturday – 140.-


Cancelation policy for registrations – Workshops
Please note that registrations for workshops are binding and the workshop costs have to be paid also when you do not show up on the workshop. A refund can only be issued for illness and accident and if a medical attest follows the cancellation up to 5 days before the workshop takes place.

FRIDAY 19:00-21:00

Relationships: Communication, Connection, and Boundaries

Two hours – All levels
Lecture And Writing Seminar
How do you want to be remembered? How do you treat others when you don’t need anything from them? Do people trust you? Respect you? We discuss ethics every day as we complain about people’s behavior with driving, money, politics, comments on blogs, and especially romantic relationships. But we often do not look at our own actions and impact on others. Notice that we have two sets of ethics: One set we practice when calm and happy; and another when we feel hungry, afraid, angry, or exhausted. The work is to have one set of ethics and to protect those we love from our own anger.
The special seminar will give you knowledge to take home and to work with you to help you live a more truthful and peaceful life. Class includes lecture and writing. Profound, funny, and very timely. Bring writing materials


SATURDAY ( ALL DAY EVENT) 9:30-16:30 with a 1.5 hr lunch break.

Max Strom, Inner Axis Essentials

09.30AM—4.30PM (1½HR lunch break)
This daylong workshop will be a day of exploring the essential elements of practice that Max Strom is so highly regarded for. It is open to all levels.
The morning will consist of a short lecture on essential terms followed by a full practice of breath initiated movement and yoga postures and movement. The Afternoon will go more deeply into the how and why of the essential elements he works with such as:
• Glossary of Terms for key Movements and Actions
• The End of Anxiety and Depression using Breathing Patterns
• Dynamic Meditation
• Wisdom Beyond the Mat
• Recalibrating our life


SUNDAY 10:00-12:00

Max Strom’s End Anxiety and Re-inspire: The Extraordinary power of Conscious Breathing Patterns

2 hours all levels – lecture, breathing patterns, writing. All levels welcome.
We currently have an epidemic of stress and anxiety in the world that is stifling happiness, meaning, and connecting to each other. In the face of such a pervasive problem it might seem that something as simple as breathing patterns couldn’t possibly help. But scientific research and Max’s personal experience engaging with tens of thousands of people around the world have both found that utilizing conscious breathing patterns for a few minutes every day is the most productive approach for creating immediate relief from stress and anxiety. In this event, Max will lecture and demonstrate, followed by interactive instruction. Max teaches you how to use your breath to trigger more inspiration, focus, and better sleep. Be sure to bring writing materials for writing answers to a series of questions that will help you identify the causes of your anxiety.


SUNDAY 14:00-16:00

Total Relaxation – Max Strom’s renowned rest & renewal

2HRS · all levels
Learn and experience how to relax deeply. We will begin with a talk by Max, then move into a very gentle movement sequence that is simple yet profoundly affective. In the second half of the workshop we will focus on floor postures and breathing patterns to release the mind and body from long-held stress and tension that impedes our happiness and our ability to sleep. This special event will help you rest like you did long ago. Bring your mat and writing materials.

There is a worldwide pandemic of anxiety and stress-related illness. Max Strom teaches a simple and effective way to control these problems without the use of drugs or any harmful therapies. His techniques can help both patients and those who care for them.—Dr. Chris Moulton, Vice-President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Bolton Hospital, UK

The impact breathing has on our health and well-being is only now beginning to be recognized more widely. Max’s depth of experience as a teacher and human qualities put him at the forefront of this movement and I have used his methods successfully with many patients.—Dr Stephen James  Director of The Breathlessness Clinic and Consultant in Anaesthesia and Exercise Capacity, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

About Max Strom

Born with severely clubbed feet, Max Strom spent much of the first six years of his life with his feet confined in plaster casts and braces. Today, he is known for inspiring and impacting the lives of people from all walks of life, teaching personal transformation and Inner Axis yoga worldwide. His teachings are not limited by contemporary yoga culture, and instead they are known to reach the heart of people across the globe. His method addresses the internal, and emotional aspects of our life, as well as physical healing. He has taught tens of thousands of students, trained several hundred teachers.

Many know him for his two inspiring books: A Life Worth Breathing, published in five languages and used as required reading in many yoga trainings, and, There is No APP for Happiness, addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age.

A dynamic speaker, Max has presented three TEDx events, a keynote speech on ethics at the Lululemon global management conference, and keynote addresses at wellness conferences, corporate conferences, and many yoga festivals. Most recently he presented at the first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia, and the prestigious World Government Summit in Dubai. His TEDx talk, Breathe to Heal, is one of the most viewed talks on breath work in history.

Max is recognized by both the Yoga Alliance US and UK at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500).

You can see more of Max Strom’s work on his DVDs.

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