After my first Hot Yoga class, I knew I had found a new passion that would enable me to combine my athletic side with my need for inner calm. Since a very young age, I had practised all kinds of sports, namely skiing, rock climbing, synchronised swimming, wake board and contemporary danse but none of these activities were enough to satisfy my need to revitalise myself. As an HR consultant this need became even more intense, and that’s when I began Hot Yoga. After a day of work full of emotional ups and downs, it became essential for me to balance and harmonise my energy levels. I fully appreciate every drop of sweat and and all the patience and inner listening that yoga requires.

With Heidi’s encouragement and a desire to deepen my knowledge, I decided to take a teacher training course at Absolute Yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand, and obtained my teaching certificate in October 2012. It is a pleasure for me to share my passion and to accompany others in their quest for inner peace. It is also a personal discovery on a daily basis.