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As a professional dancer for 12 years, my life was all about stretching the limits for a higher goal.



As a professional dancer for 12 years, I was trained to push hard, move beyond my limits, and continuously strive for a higher goal. Life was centred on perfection, immaculate lines, and beautiful creations for the sake of art. An inherent part of our daily routine, we learnt to ignore pain, move through injuries, and simply bear the emotional ups and downs. Naturally, the show must go on. And I loved it.

A little older and wiser and three children later, I discovered the practice of yoga and a true secret weapon that enabled me to surf the toughest challenges and most difficult moments in my life. Initially the practice held a more physical attraction for me, yet as I continued to deepen my knowledge and experience, I began to explore and encompass the influences of meditation and Buddhist mindfulness practice.

In 2012 Andrea and I opened Yoga Moves Nyon; the place where we continue to learn and grow.

Today, teaching yoga is an expression of everything I have experienced, the person I am and have become. And it brings me so much joy to offer a space, where people can feel and safely experience the myriad of benefits yoga allows, from the subtleties of the breath to the deeper awakening of the true self.

I look forward to sharing a class, a conversation and as a true Aussie at heart, a good giggle with you as well.

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Yoga Instructor

Le Yoga est pour moi, mon moment de “détente et qui me procure bien-être” où je peux canaliser mes énergies et me recentrer.


Yoga Instructor

In my prenatal classes, I offer you a moment to slow down, ground yourself and listen with kindness to what your body has to tell you.


Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga practice willing to sculpt my body; a very superficial desire then. Over time, I found my time spent on the mat much more fruitful.