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I have started practicing yoga many years ago, but my first time in a warm setting was in March 2012 in Boston.



I have started practicing yoga many years ago, but my first time in a warm setting was in March 2012 in Boston. I had recently given birth to my second child and we were in Boston for medical purposes. I went to this studio because of the proximity but ended up having a life-changing experience when practicing warm yoga flow. It was my peaceful moment. The quiet time to my concerns. I could breathe again.

Luckily enough when I moved close to Nyon I discovered Yoga Moves and kept going with my practice in a warm setting. Even more luckily Heidi suggested that I follow the teacher training program. I have completed the excellent training course during the summer of 2017 with Heidi and Tomasz at Yoga Moves.

2 weeks after completing my training I started teaching classes and I continue to practice daily as well as attending Heidi’s great classes at the studio. I plan to keep following trainings, workshops in order to always be at best when teaching classes. One of my aims is also to learn more about the therapeutic & restorative aspects of the yoga practice. How it could benefit the healing process.
Aside from yoga, I work as a « psychologue, conseillère en réadaptation » and help people stay in the work environment despite health issues and disabilities. Empowerment, building confidence, and being a master of one’s life are my daily concerns in and out of my work.

Last but not least, I am the Mom of three young children (Leev aged 10, Grace 6 and Jackson 2).
As a teacher, I will give all my best attention to offer you a dynamic practice that promotes the reshaping of the body and the strengthening of your physical self with a touch of more « yin » moments to balance the flow. But most of all I wish to bring to your practice the ability to reach that quiet moment of the mind.

You will make a change each time you come to your mat and I will look forward seeing you soon in class.

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Yoga Instructor

Le Yoga est pour moi, mon moment de “détente et qui me procure bien-être” où je peux canaliser mes énergies et me recentrer.


Yoga Instructor

In my prenatal classes, I offer you a moment to slow down, ground yourself and listen with kindness to what your body has to tell you.


Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga practice willing to sculpt my body; a very superficial desire then. Over time, I found my time spent on the mat much more fruitful.