Pilates Matwork


Pilates Matwork

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

You can do Pilates with or without equipment  but no matter what, expect the moves toinvolve slow, precise movements and breath control.

Pilates moves tend to target your core, although the exerciseswork other areas of your body as well. Pilates is not restricted to specificbody parts, many Pilates moves focus on your core and trunk, but that doesn'tjust mean your abs. Although Pilates is specifically defined as exercise forthe core or abdominal muscles, it is important that students  know that the core includes the entire trunk,which is the abdominals, the hips, the inner and outer thighs, and theback.  And many Pilates instructors mixin moves specifically meant to engage areas like your arms, glutes, and lowerlegs. Expect a workout that works your entire body.

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